Holiday Villa "De Witte Olifant"
WELCOME                     To  Sri Lanka
Holiday Villa "De Witte Olifant"
Where is
Wadduwa ?
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It is a newly build Villa (2007) in Wadduwa on the west-coast.
It has an apartment an 2 double rooms with bathrooms.

All rooms are very comfortable.

We have a staff of cook and cleaners.

If you want an extra servant, no problem!

that is the way people from
Sri Lanka say "Good day",
"Hello", or "Good Bye".

Your stay in the luxurious Villa
"De Witte Olifant " is a perfect
opportunity to visit beautiful Sri Lanka
in an affordable way.
You can choose from a wide variety of
tours at reasonable prices, which can
start at the Villa. We have a luxury car
at your disposal, including a local driver.

There is so much to see and visit:
You can have a Ayurveda treatment (a type of massage), ride an Elephant, visit Herbal Gardens, visit the Elephant Orphanich or the Seaturtle Sanctuary.
There are so many possibilities to choose from.

What about a safari through a wildlife reserve, or a daytrip to Galle, a city build by the Dutch in the period of the V.O.C. (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie, a Dutch trading company founded in 1602)

Or you can make a tour to Kandy, to witness an old custom festival: a 2 day long parade where a tooth of Buddha is shown on the back of an elephant, with all sorts of folklore.
Religious dancers join up with fire-dancers and are accompanied by over 50 elephants in a great and colorful spectacle, which is held only once a year.  

Prices for these tours always include hotel, diners, breakfast, car and driver and possible entrance fees.
This way you are always much cheaper than regular tour operators! 
Also, this way gives you the opportunity to take your time and meet with the friendly people of Sri Lanka.
Would you like to spend a day at the beach, we have good connections with a hotel at the coast, to organize your leisure day.
New : Round trip Sri Lanka 10 days. Go to NEWS for extra info! !
Mijn family die alles probeert om uw verblijf zo aangenaam mogelijk te maken Mijn family die alles probeert om uw verblijf zo aangenaam mogelijk te maken